The first step on your way to becoming a successful commercial real estate professional is learning how to analyze investments.

Without proper training and knowledge of fundamental principles of finance, sustained success in CRE investments is virtually impossible.

Learn the skills you need today to make informed investment decisions, reduce risk, advance your career, and build more wealth.


  • Analyze Investments
    with Confidence

    Learn to evaluate opportunities and
    accurately analyze numbers in real-time

  • Use a Financial Calculator to
    Do Analysis in Real-Time

    Combine your skills with this powerful tool
    to demonstrate your expertise

  • Measure Performance
    and Forecast Returns

    Manage investments and track results to make informed strategic decisions


  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • How to Use This Course

  • 2

    Finance Fundamentals

    • The Time Value of Money

    • Compound Interest

    • Interest Rates

    • Risk & Reward

  • 3

    Introduction to Financial Calculators

    • Introduction to Financial Calculators

    • List of Financial Calculators & Apps

    • How I Show Calculator Inputs on the Board

  • 4

    How to Use a Financial Calculator

    • Financial Calculator - Tour of Functions

    • Changing the Decimal Display

    • Using the 'g'-Key

    • Entering RATE

    • RPN (Reverse Polish Notation)

    • Financial Calculator - Stacking

    • Calculator Practice - Get Familiar with RPN & Stacking

  • 5

    How to Analyze Investments

    • Future Value (FV)

    • PRACTICE #1 - Future Value

    • PRACTICE - Future Value

    • Future Value - Additional Practice

    • Present Value (PV)

    • PRACTICE - Present Value

    • Rate of Return - Interest Rate (i)

    • PRACTICE - Rate of Return - Interest Rate

    • Number of Periods - Time (n)

    • PRACTICE - Number of Periods - Time

    • Payments & Cash Flows (PMT)

    • PRACTICE - Payments & Cash Flows

    • How to Analyze Real Estate Acquisitions

    • Net Present Value (NPV)

    • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

  • 6


    • CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed the course!

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““Trevor is really charismatic in the way that he teaches, and he has some stories that will really stick in your brain. He has that real life experience that a lot of academics does not have. With Trevor's course, you actually feel like you're learning things that will be applied.” ”

Monique Lum, CPA, MRED, Commercial Real Estate Broker

““When I was first entering the industry, I wanted to learn from the very best. Basically everything I learned about finance and investments, I learned from this course. It's like no other. I looked all over the internet for something like this.” ”

Michelle Swan, Commercial Real Estate Broker

““Trevor Calton knows how to teach real estate finance to students in both finance and non-finance fields by taking a more contextual approach to practical, real life equations. His way of explaining things is super helpful; I feel much more confident after his course than I did before it.” ”

Melissa Meagher, MRED

Innovative HD Learning Format

Instructor Writing On Clear Glass Board

Self-Paced Training On Demand

Worker on

Step-by-Step Calculator Instructions

Financial Calculator

Step-by-Step Video Solutions

Written instructions with video explanation

Works On Any Device

Laptop Tablet and Phone

Continuing Education (CE) Credit
and Certificate of Completion

* CE Credit available in some states. Inquire for more info.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Trevor T. Calton, MBA

Professor of Real Estate Finance & President of Evergreen Capital

Trevor Calton is a veteran of Commercial Real Estate & Mortgage Banking since 1997, with experience in commercial lending, capital markets, CRE sales & brokerage, investment acquisitions, and asset management. He has worked on the acquisition, analysis, and capitalization of over $5 billion in commercial real estate assets, and has also overseen the operations of over 6000+ units of multifamily housing.

Trevor is also a Professor of Real Estate Finance at at Portland State University, where he has been teaching in the Master of Real Estate Development program since 2011. An award-winning speaker, teacher, and trainer, Trevor has trained thousands of professionals in the fundamentals of real estate finance, investments, and career development.

​Trevor is the recipient of numerous national and community awards, including the prestigious US Presidential Service Award, the Portland Business Journal 'Forty Under 40' Award, and many others. He earned his Bachelors degree and MBA from the University of Oregon, and lives in the Portland, Oregon area.